Products and services for R&D

At Scientific Devices Heidelberg, we rely on more than ten years of experience in the development of bio-analytical instrumentation and assays and the handling of membrane proteins from native as well as from recombinant resources. We can thus offer our customers a wide range of products and services. We always strive for best-in-class solutions for the every day R&D business and for long term agendas, which we enjoy to develop in a constructive dialogue with our customers. Our customers excert the control over the degree of our involvement at any point within our collaboration.

Hardware development
Lab tools and devices
Membrane proteins
Assay development
Product search and
Development of
Prototypes (lab setups,
Custom-built devices
Special designs
Proof-of-concept designs
Hardware and software
Fabrication using
CNC-machining with metals
and plastics
PCB- & Laser structuring
Thin film technology

Our suplliers produce single items as well as small batch series.

Scientific Devices Heidelberg GmbH i.L., Montargisstraße 51, 48268 Greven, Germany

NEW: Elektroplax from Torpedo californica

The tissue of the electrical organ of Torpedo electric rays is used in Alzheimer reserach. It contains high amounts of the nicotinic acetylcholine receptor and the Na/K-ATPase. You can order the tissue isolated from wild-caught fish now at Scientific Devices Heidelberg.

Nanion Acquires the SURFE2R Technology for Transporter Protein Analysis

Nanion acquires the well-established SURFE2R® technology.

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